Picophotonics is a spin-off from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the Tampere University, focusing on the development and manufacturing of Q-switched microchip lasers based on proprietary semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) technology.

Our mission is to provide a laser platform bridging the gap between the parameters offered by the more complex mode-locked lasers delivering picosecond pulses, and conventional Q-switched lasers operating in the ns region.

Picophotonics product capability

Key differentiators are the ability to provide high peak powers with pulse duration in the 50 ps – 100 ps at 1064 nm and 1 ns – 10 ns at 1535 nm, repetition rates varying from 1 kHz to MHz region, narrow spectral width, and possibility for power scaling in compact amplifier package.

The output power, compactness and cost-effectiveness of Picophotonics laser platform provides an unmatched combination of features for applications in emerging technologies, such as time gated Raman spectroscopy or Eye-safe LIDAR and range-finding.